First launched in 2015, LME’s ferrous derivatives contracts have developed into an effective price risk management tool. These monthly average, cash-settled futures contracts are designed to help customers protect margins and provide forward price certainty.

At Triland, we offer a range of ferrous products to suit a diversity of customers’ hedging requirements. With market making activities across four time zones – London, New York, Tokyo and Singapore we offer follow-the-sun services in:

  • LME scrap and rebar futures
  • Ferrous trading functionality on TRI-X
  • Regional LME HRC futures for China exports and the US Midwest markets (coming soon)
  • OTC swaps and forwards in multiple currencies (coming soon)

Triland holds educational events and seminars to help industry participants better understand hedging strategies and the role derivatives can play in their businesses, working closely with our diverse customer base every step of the way.